• Raman Bhandari

The Story of Ashu

Ashu, from a village named Madana Kalan near Jhajjar, got his first episode of severe respiratory discomfort when he was nearly a year and a half old.

The episode was so bad that the parents of the child shifted him to Rohtak medical college, in a city about 30 km from their village. He was kept in the hospital for two days, and then sent back home as recovered.

However, that was only the beginning. He would have episodes of rapid respiration on and off every 3 to 4 months. Each time, he would be taken to the same medical college and would remain admitted for 2-3 days before being sent home.

Over the years he also developed a frequent cough and breathing difficulty. It got so bad that he could not play outside with his friends anymore. He gradually started retreating indoors, staying in bed more often, and not engaging with his peers. It deteriorated further as he started remaining ill for half the month on average.

His parents ran pillar to post to find help for their son. Whether it was prominent doctors in Rohtak and nearby areas or homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatments, they tried multiple alternatives. But nothing would do the trick.

This continued up to the age of 14, when he was finally brought to my care at my Jhajjar clinic. In a year's time since then, he has made a drastic recovery. He has been able to come back to leading an active and normal life, without overpowering respiratory issues. To everyone's surprise, he has also gained weight (from 34kgs to 42kgs in 6 months) and increased his height by 12.5 cms.

Now Ashu not only leads a happy and hearty life, he also spends each day bringing joy to his previously troubled parents.

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